Valentine’s Day Craft Report

The event from “Bring the voice of Fukushima to the Netherlands” has ended with success. My table was busy with little artists all the time. I couldn’t run the workshop well without the help from young volunteer ladies. Thank the ladies for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Here are some pictures from the little artists. Pity that I couldn’t make pictures of all the art work. The little artists have made such different, personal and fun work by using the same material!

All the benefit from my workshop was donated to “Voice of Fukushima”.



Natsumatsuri “Summer Festival” July 2012

Here are some pictures of festival I organized last summer.  Natsumatsuri is a traditional Japanese Summer Festival during which we celebrate the season in Yukata (summer Kimonos). Children participated in Japanese culture at Jacaranda Tree in Amsterdam. We did creative activities and games such as making Uchiwa (Fans) and water balloon fishing.


jinbei This is called Jinbei, casual style Japanese cloth.