Craft workshop in Dutch school

When my son was in group 2 at his Dutch Montessori school I was asked by his teacher to give a craft workshop. There is a craft event once a year in his school which is organized by parents. That time the event was combined with a charity event. So the children were to make art works and sell them at school to raise donation money. In Montessori schools typically classes are mixed with different ages. So my group was a mixture of group 3~6. This was my first workshop to older Dutch children. Therefore I chose the theme carefully under these points:

  1. fun for both boys and girls
  2. technically not too easy not too difficult
  3. leaving a lot of freedom to put their own ideas
  4. the work should look like finished art work

Here are some pics of the results. These young artists made such beautiful art works 🙂

Theme: ” Making your own tree and insect ”

Material: modeling clay, acid free paper, fresh herbs, dried beans, tempera, wires, etc.

Tools: hammer, scissors, straw, glue, etc.

Time: 2 hours with 15min break in between


First half time: we blew some brown paint with a straw. While the painted paper was being dried we made leaves by hammering fresh leaves in between papers.


Second half: First I showed some pictures of insects to explain their body structures. The children chose their favorite insects to make.

With a case and frame the works looked more finished.