Visual Report Festive Craft Extravaganza 2015



2015年七夕会リポート/2015 Tanabata-kai report

会場のオーナーが代わるため、この素敵なJacaranda Treeの空間で行われる七夕会は今年で最後となりました。第4回七夕会も40人の子ども達とその家族で賑わいました。美しい七夕を一緒に楽しく過ごせたのもご来場の皆様、コラボレーターのFlatto81、Yumikaさん、Wonder-kids、スナさんのおかげです。そしてオリジナルな商品、日本の食品を販売してくれたRoppongiYukinohana福島の子ども達の声をオランダの子ども達に届ける会Hanato Moritoの皆さん、本当にありがとうございました!この楽しく美しい日本の文化とそのクリエイティブなアプローチの提供を続けたいと思いますので、もし七夕会が続けられるチャンスがありましたらお教えください。ではフォトギャラリーで七夕会場をご案内します。FBFlatto81のサイトでも七夕会の写真をご覧いただけます。

It was the last Tanabata-kai at the most beautiful space in Amsterdam “Jacaranda Tree” because the Jacaranda Tree is moving to a new space. The 4th and last edition of Tanabata-kai @ Jacaranda Tree was crowded with 40 children and their parents. We had a great time again this year thanks to all the participants and their parents, Flatto81, Yumika, Wonder-kids and Soona. Thank also to Roppongi, Yukinohana, Fukushima’s Voice and Hanato Morito for collaborating with us. We hope to continue this beautiful Japanese tradition and our creative approaches in the Netherlands. If you know any opportunities we could do this again, please let us know. Here with the pictures below I want to show you around the festival. You can also see more images at FB and a site of Flatto81.

Images by Masaya, Emi, Yuko and Soona
Music by Kumiko

Valentine’s Day Craft Report

The event from “Bring the voice of Fukushima to the Netherlands” has ended with success. My table was busy with little artists all the time. I couldn’t run the workshop well without the help from young volunteer ladies. Thank the ladies for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Here are some pictures from the little artists. Pity that I couldn’t make pictures of all the art work. The little artists have made such different, personal and fun work by using the same material!

All the benefit from my workshop was donated to “Voice of Fukushima”.