Tractatie ideas

In my country kids may not bring treats in school, even if its for your birthday. When I was little I had a birthday dinner with my family. I didn’t have parties with friends till I got much older. When I became a mother in the Netherlands I realized a big difference between Japan and Netherlands in celebrating own birthday. Good thing here is that you can enjoy your birthday many times. Dutch kids would celebrate their birthday with the family, bring some treats (tractatie in Dutch) to school to celebrate with your classmates and organize a party and invite some close friends. It’s a lot of treats and cakes to prepare for the parents but you can have fun with it if you have good ideas.

Here are some examples of fun ‘tractatie’.

Don’t forget to share the fun with your kids!


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Most cheapest and effective way of making your own streamers is this. Toilet paper dipped in red cabbage soup!


I’m sure everyone is enjoying sun and water this weekend! I’m staying home alone preparing for the festival but I’m having fun with my own ocean waves! Kids can make this at the festival too!


Do you know where you can find twigs in summer?….Vondelpark! There are fences built by piles of twinges in a playground in the park. A great place to build a secret hut too. These twigs are perfect for the magic wands for the Tanabata-kai.
夏に小枝がある場所をご存知ですか?アムステルダムのVondelparkがベストです!垣根が積み上げられた小枝でできている公園が Vondelpark内にあります(丸いスイミングプールがある公園です)秘密の基地を作るのにももってこいの場所です。七夕会で使う小枝はそこでもらっ てきました。

Fun ideas to share

I like making things especially for kids. It’s a fun process to gather ideas, research around, simplify it and make a form to the final idea. In my daily life I’m trying to make my original ‘Tractatie’ ( a Dutch word for treats) if the time allows.

Here are some pics from my pinterest board to share. Hope it’s inspiring your imagination!