Visual Report “Summer Craft Festival” 2017

Thanks to Simone from Jacaranda Tree Montessori , our ‘Summer Craft festival’ became bigger ever. We prepared 6 craft tables with Hiyoko, Flatto 81 and Yuliya, whose ideas are fun and artistic!

Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas prepared spinning tops with paper plates and marbles. Children decorate the spinning top with prepared stickers and finger stamps.

I had many free space stickers from Albert Heijn so I cut them out in simple forms. Together with bright round stickers and alphabet stickers there were enough stickers for my sticker pool. The children may take 8 stickers from the pool, which could be a counting practice for little kids 😉

space stickers

Pity things are that finger stamp pads came off easily while the children were working. I did’t bring covers to protect tables from the ink so I had to stop using finger stamps…should forecast happenings like that.

It was very nice to see parents engaged in the craft as well as the children. Here are some pictures of the festival. Thank you to those who came to join us, Hiyoko, Emi&Chika, Yuliya and Simone for the nice experiences.

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