Holiday destination1 ‘Terschelling’

How was your summer holiday? We had a great time on the Dutch island Terschelling.

The whole island is 88,1k㎡, from west Terschelling till Oosterend is only 13km across and 3km wide. You can go everywhere with bicycles. We brought our own bikes but there are many bike rentals on the island. My son likes biking so we let him cycle next to us on the bicycle path.

IMG_2693bikeride trough sheep

Terschelling coast is 30km long and very clean.  Young children would enjoy finding shells, making sand castles and playing in shallow sea puddles.


There are many kids activities such as ferry ride to see seals, catching crabs and fish, pony ride, etc. There are mini golf cafés and playgrounds, a cranberry factory and cheese farms to visit.  Kids won’t get bored here!

IMG_2681 IMG_2641 IMG_2636IMG_2695

Local products are nice too. Terschelling cranberry apple juice and cherry beer!

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